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The Family of John Boxall & Sarah Hugkulstone

A book by Robyn Coghlan

The story of John Boxall of St Pancras (1806-1891) and Sarah Hugkulstone of St Marylebone (1804-1889), their origins and the dispersal of their descendants, especially through their sons, Thomas Boxall (1834-1904) of Invercargill, New Zealand and Alfred Boxall (1845-1927) of Sydney, Australia. Available stories about individual members of the family present a panorama of life at different times and in different places. This ordinary family ranges from the time of the French Revolution to the Vietnam War, from London in the Victorian era to New Zealand and Australia, through two world wars with a loss in France, one at Gallipoli and three in North Africa. The various migration experiences, with a few convicts thrown into the mix, create a rich tapestry of life.

Size: A4, 298 pages with black-and-white illustrations, soft cover.

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