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The more I learn
The more I realise
How little I know


Missing Mail Mystery
When the Public Good is neglected


What is equality?
Different forms of politeness.


Is the population of planet Earth sustainable?
Is there a case for reform of Australia's Constitution?


A term that I've been hearing far too often
Building a door
My first attempt


Capitalism's End
Will Capitalism last forever?
What is wrong with the labour market?
Lessons in a bottle
What can we learn from a product of the past?
What do we care about?
COVID-19: Risks, Opportunities and Questions.
The COVID-19 epidemic will end. What can we learn from it? How can we make Australia a better place?


How dangerous is extreme Capitalism?
Thoughts on the risks of unfettered Capitalism.
Raspberry Pi download scheduler
My solution to using bandwidth that's only available when I'd rather be asleep.


WH2950 weather station
Adventures with a PanTech(Fine Offset) weather station.


Netregistry must die!
My experiences lead me to view Netregistry as a prime candidate for corporate execution.
On Corporate Entities
We really need some way to effectively "execute" rogue corporations.


Who are the Conservatives?
Thoughts on a phenomenon that seems to me, increasingly pathological.
Political parties registered to run at the 2016 Federal election
Brief analyses of the many political parties that are registered to field candidates at the 2016 Federal election
Where are we? Where should we head?
The shameful state of Australia's telecommunications network
No Recourse
When entities are protected by the government, a citizen has few avenues if things go wrong


TomTom Follies
What happened when I needed support for my TomTom GPS unit
A set-top box with Android and PVR functionality
Boat People
Should we try to stop the boats?
An open letter to Joel Fitzgibbon.
Free Speech and Responsibility
When abuse of privilege leads to tragedy, who will be held to account?
Eddie McGuire's Tax
If a club cannot exist without exploiting the vulnerable, should we tolerate its continued existence?
What's behind Tony Abbott?
Thoughts on the one who has taken Australian politics so far from Australian traditions.
Ramblings on a subject that most of us take for granted.
On the pathological need Australian politicians evidently have to control what information is available to the voters.
Perverts in Parliament? Worrying observations on the filter.
A letter to the member. Text of a letter handed to the receptionist at the Cessnock electoral office of Joel Fitzgibbon on 14 July 2010.
Kogan eBook reader.
Kogan Model KGNEBK6VAA eBook Reader.
MiGEAR eBook reader.
MiGEAR Model BSTE100 eBook Reader.
A Python script to poll and log output of the IPStar satellite modem.
My experiences with Bluemaxx Communications.
An exchange with Dead Parrot.
An account of my disagreement with a Whirlpool forum moderator and its (evidently) inevitable outcome.
The price of parsimony.
The dark side of call centres.
Astone AP-360T.
Sad tale of an Astone Media Gear AP-360T network media player/PVR.
On Telecommunications
Discussion, observations and a bit of the history of telecommunications from the late 1980s to the mid 2000s, concentrating on a small part of the Hunter Valley.
Battery pack ripoff
Dummy-spit on a predictable commercial evil.

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