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22 October 2014
Added text of 22 October letter to the editor of Cessnock Advertiser.

20 October 2014
Added extract from resident's email of 27 July 2014.

19 October 2014
Added text from letters to the editor of Cessnock Advertiser of 1 October and 15 October and signed consent.

27 August 2014
Added text of 1 August letter, purporting to reply to  4 July complaint.

9 July 2014
Added text of 9 July letter to the editor of Cessnock Advertiser.

6 July 2014
Added text of 4 July complaint to General Manager of Cessnock Council.

3 July 2014
Added text of 2 July letter to the editor of Cessnock Advertiser.

12 June 2014
Added text from Handout provided by Paved Way at 5 December 2013 meeting at old Crawfordville school. It confirms their assertion that they compiled the application themselves, though evidently ignorant of the content of the application documents. They also gave an undertaking to respect our decision "either way". Subsequent events serve to emphasise the worth of their word.

10 June 2014
Added text from response by Public Officer of Cessnock Council, to email of 6 June. I've heard it said that wrongdoers are most often brought undone, not by the initial wrong, but by the subsequent cover-up.

6 June 2014
Emailed Public Officer of Cessnock Council in response to his letter of 16 May, providing further detail of Councillor Troy's offence and suggesting liaison with other authorities.

4 June 2014
Added details of resident's complaint to General Manager about breach of confidentiality by Councillor Troy and Public Officer's response.

3 June 2014
Emails sent, inviting comments from Jenny Lewis, Bree Lewis, Cordelia Troy, Matt Weir and Kerry Wallace.

1 June 2014
Site live. Feedback invited from interested residents.

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