Impressed by music festival

Letter to the editor of Cessnock Advertiser 1 October  2014

Dear Editor.

I took up an invitation from the property owners of Cedars at Mount View to have a look at the music festival they recently hosted.

Although I am not the 'target demographic' for such an event I must say, I was very impressed with the way it was conducted.

The entire crowd, from my experience, were well behaved and courteous. I saw no-one was out of control or causing trouble, and this was late on Saturday night.

I think it is fantastic that someone is getting young people up here and giving them a great experience and connection with the Hunter Valley.

They are investing in people who, for now are into dancing and camping, but will grow to enjoy more premium accommodation, good food and wine that the Hunter does so well.

This would have been their first experience of the area. I'm sure they realised how beautiful it is many will come back for generations to come.

Matt Polin
Mistletoe Lane, Pokolbin.

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