Text from Ms Kim Appleby's evasive response dated 1 August 2014 to complaint lodged 4 July 2014 for General Manager of Cessnock City Council


I refer to your correspondence dated 4 July 2014 in relation to a number of emails circulating regarding the proposed music festival at Cedar's Mount View. I note that Council responded to you on 10 June 2014 in regards to your email of 6 June 2014 relating to this matter.

You have now raised a number of further issues in relation to Cr Troy and her involvement in the email strings.

Upon review of the subject emails that I have been able to access, I provide the following advice for your information.

  1. The initial email group was initiated by a ██████████████. █████████  is not an employee or representative of Cessnock Ciy (sic) Council, therefore there is no breach on the part of Council.
  2. Councillor Troy appears to have both her Council email and private email addresses within the group lists. Council is only able to access and comment on the Council email. The Council emails reviewed demonstrate a statement of opinion by Councillor Troy. Statements of opinion are often subjective in nature. They do not appear to represent a statutory breach.
  3. If the event organisers were able to access the same email group, Council is unable to establish the source of this list.

Please be advised that this subject file is now closed and no further correspondence will be entered into on this matter.

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