Extract from email dated 27 July 2014

... using the same Cessnock CC Informal Assess Request Forms (under which I had obtained a copy of the Signed Consent for the DA) I applied for copies of all of the documents referenced in the Signed Consent.

This is the response received from Cessnock CC:

Thank you for your recent request for information.

Due to Council’s obligations regarding Copyright and Compliance with the GIPA Act.  Council cannot issue copies of plans or reports without the consent of the copyright owners unless the documents are part of development application that is on exhibition and copies can only be issued within the stated exhibition timeframe.

As per your informal GIPA request council has the following file available to be viewed at our Administration Building:

If you are interested in viewing these files please contact Kate Curry on (02) 4993 100 and give 48 hours notice for files to be made available on site.

This is another sign of what may be diplomatically called incompetence or otherwise an attempt to withhold information, as just before sending this email and my letter, I verified that the three documents I found so many problems with are all still available to view on the Cessnock CC website at the addresses below.


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