Letter to the editor of the Cessnock Advertiser 9 July 2014

Mount View festival poses too much risk

Dear Editor,

Of the Mount View Not-a-Rave, Frank. Renton asks "... is it worth the risk?" (Letters to the Editor, July 2).

Let's see:

- the site is in a mountain gully, so there's a risk of flash-flooding;

- the site is surrounded by bush, so there's a risk of bushfire;

- access is restricted, so chances of getting out alive - or help getting in - are limited;

- venues nearby have shown that they can do the job safely.

Adding what I know of the site to Frank's account of human failings, my short answer to his question is; No!

Issues with the risk assessment stand to invalidate any insurance contract based on it. That potentially leaves council liable,

Do we really want Our rate dollars put at such risk? The costs could put the airport fiasco in the shade.

David Boxall
Mount Baker Road,
Mount View

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