Organisers delighted at festival's approval

Letter to the editor of the Cessnock Advertiser 28 May 2014

     Dear Editor,

We are absolutely delighted at being  given approval to run our event in Mount View.

We completely understood the concerns of some of the residents from the beginning, hence why we called a meeting to talk with them.

The fact that we have been shown the confidence of those on Cessnock Council who voted yes, is something we are very grateful for.

Every event we run, is done so with the    utmost level of professionalism, and respect to those around us. This is not going to change in regards to this event, quite the opposite actually.

We will be doing everything in our power to make sure the concerns of those who disapproved, never come to fruition.

We thank those in the community who supported us, as well as those on council who had the foresight to see the benefit to the community events like this can have.

     Matt Weir and Kerry Wallace
     Paved Way/S.A.S.H
     Darling Point, NSW.

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