Resident's complaint to General Manager of Cessnock Council


The General Manager,

Mr. Stephen Glen,

Re: emails-S.A.S.H Festival- Cedar's Mt. View.

On the 19/11/2013 [omitted in the interests of privacy] included in our list of email addresses without our consent. This gave Cordelia access to a report of all objections discussed in a meeting held at my home on Saturday, 16/11/2013.

On the 25/11/2013-3.28, 26/11/2013-8.32 and 26/11/2013-8.41. corresponded quite rudely with email addressees on our list.

Later on the 26/11/2013-3.03 emails were received from Paved Way to and all our email addresses. The email from Paved Way suggested (they had received an email with documentation of a vast number of points that were brought up at your meeting that we believe are either not true, fabrications, or at the very least, misleading for the purpose of getting some traction behind getting the event stopped). This email list also had three other email addresses added to it. Jenlaw Pty. Ltd. Cedars Mount View [omitted in the interests of privacy]-bree(Cedars Mount View) [omitted in the interests of privacy].

Again on the 27/11/2013-9.57 Paved Way to  and all our email addresses.

As permission to circulate our email addresses was not given we consider this to be confidentiality.

As all email addresses used here by Cordelia are  I feel this is inappropriate and formerly request a search of these emails be undertaken

Thanking you in advance for the courtesy requested,

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