Mount View an area for families, not concerts or music festivals

Letter to the editor of Cessnock Advertiser 30 April 2014

      Dear Editor,

      I write, yet again, in opposition to the planned music festival at Cedars Mount View.

      "Zone RU2 - Rural Landscape" apparently, that's supposed to define the character of my home. I reckon that's far too blunt an instrument. Like trying to work on a watch when your only tool is a sledgehammer.

     Council's development department is stuck with that sledgehammer, I'm told. Responsibility for delving deeper lies with the elected councillors.

     At present, the area is one of families, old and young. In particular, young families have moved to this area to raise children. One such family's objection to this development is being managed by the father of the bride; the family is away on honeymoon.

     The 'one-off not-a-rave' proposed for this secluded part of Mount View is explicitly intended to be the first and smallest of many. Some families have told me that they're looking into their options to move out. With the prospect of children's upbringing being repeatedly disrupted by ever larger and more frequent parties, who would remain?

      In expectations of clement weather and low fire danger, the "single event" was originally planned for about this time of year.

      Last Wednesday, a neighbour had a trash fire run away. That fire was lit in a cleared area, with surroundings that had been slashed and grazed, yet it got away. Clearly, fire is a hazard in this area, even at the best of times.

      The event is now planned for late September, just before the start of the statutory fire ban. If memory serves, last year at that time, the State was ablaze.

      The majority of councillors seemed keen to approve the development, despite the lack of an effective bush fire emergency evacuation plan. To Councillor Wrightson's credit, the RFS will now be consulted.

      I gather that a rescission motion will come before the next meeting of council, but I do wonder what in heaven's name is going on that so many councillors are so keen on this manifestly inappropriate development.

      David Boxall
      Mount Baker Road,
      Mount View.

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