Councillor stands by comments regarding music festival

Letter to the editor of the Cessnock Advertiser 16 April 2014

      Dear Editor,

      Regarding the misquote by Judy Howard in Letters to the Editor about the Paved Way electro music event at Mount View (The Advertiser, April 9).

      This is the actual email I sent and comments I stand by in light of the complying nature of the proposal:
       "Having now some details to hand, I'm inclined to be supportive of this event.

       The DA is well put together and comprehensive, consent conditions allow a mechanism for council to control this event or any future event covered in the DA.

       "Recalling in the last term of council there was an almighty upheaval by some people surrounding concerts in the vineyards at Hope, Tempus Two and Bimbadgen Estates. Concerts have become a rich part of the social culture of our LGA,

       "I supported those because I could see beyond the hysteria to the reality of the events as they have successfully become. I perceive we have a similar event here but much reduced in size. I look forward to the DA coming before council for determination."

       Cordelia Troy
       Ward A Councillor

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